Light myself a smoke beneath the dark Atlantic sky

There's got to be a doctoral thesis in sorting out why flickr kids are so goddamn chipper vs. the entire raging puerile commentary that fills the rest of the web.

— Howard-san

The word of the year is: Surfeit.

Beyond the Break Maui Fever Living Lahaina Surf's Up John From Cincinnati Rise of Silver Surfer

Surfeit. An overabundant supply.

I thought WBCN had radio's most poorly-designed web site until Adam Robot directed me to the one for The Zone 96 DOT 3.

Good G_d!

If I was a web designer, I'd picture the latter station's site during sex to stave off ejaculation.

Film director Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner) is preparing a feature-length version of board game Monopoly.

[…] turn the property game into a comedy thriller.

Hasbro wants the film to feature "sexy young people" in an attempt to attract teenagers to board games. [source]

You mean, American Idol Monopoly didn't pique their interest?

Monopoly licensing is out of control.

John Deere Monopoly and Bass Fishing Lakes Monopoly certainly don't exist because of popular demand.

Thing to do before I die: Witness an Indian person fighting.

I've only ever seen one Indian person fight, and he fought with yoga moves.

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