Box Populi

Every year, people complain about how lame Oscar nominations/winners are, and then the Eh-mmys come along to put everything in perspective.

This year's nominees for 'Outstanding Reality Program' and 'Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series' are exactly the same as last year's nominees.

'Outstanding Main Title Design'
Dexter for the win.

…or not. The 78th Annual Academy Awards won last year.

If its two-episode screener is any indication, season two of Dexter will improve on season one.

'Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics'
Should win: "Dick in a Box" (Saturday Night Live)
Will win: "Everything Comes Down to Poo" (Scrubs)

A Mad TV song beat out two High School Musical songs last year.

Yes, I just compared Scrubs to Mad TV.

'Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup'
The episode of Nip/Tuck set in the future?


Speaking of FX shows, I'm done with Rescue Me. Please join Entourage and The Riches on the bench. Greek, suit up.

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