Doctor Captain Morgan

» Bi-sexual Top Chef 3 "villain" Hung:

I came from a Third World country and I was given the opportunity to come to America to be successful and not be a bum and live on welfare.

[If I lose] I would think that this show is a freaking fraud and is not based on food. I'm a badass chef. My flavor profiles, my technique, my cooking experience is way better than [Dale's and Casey's]. They cannot compare. [source]

» Vampire wrestler Gangrel is going to direct 12 porn movies. The first, Miami Rump Shakerz 2, shoots in November. [source]

» UCLA men's basketball coach Ben Howland on why he "love[s] his two Cameroonians":

They're men. They eat snakes, from pythons to boas. Alfred has even eaten elephants and giraffes. You've got to be tough to do that since elephant has a tough skin. [source]

» Lifetime is making a movie based on Richard Moll's ("Bull Shannon" on Night Court) life called The Leaning Tower of Bull. [source]

» Bret Harrison finished second to Zachary Levi for the lead role in Chuck before being offered the lead role in Reaper. [source]