Adam Ramblings

» "Buf 2 Mia 3 3rd 5:43"

» Sean Payton pulled a Dorrell.

» Fox ran an ad for Family Guy that reveled in the toon's reputation as "the most appalling series currently airing on network TV." The ad, however, attributed the quote to the New York Post, which Fox owns.

» Jon Kitna joined Kurt Warner and other Cardinals in a prayer circle on the field after they pantsed his team.

» The NBC Universal Store now carries a Crucifictorious shirt. I'm still waiting for a Dillon Panthers hoodie like the one Saracen wears.

» Marc Ecko is designing new Iron Chef jackets for the sixth season of Iron Chef America.

» Michael Symon won The Next Iron Chef. Food Network now has enough American Iron Chefs for an NFL pre-game show.

» Guy Fieri is Food Network's Ryan Seacrest.

Dude, you're getting tequila for people!

» According to IMDb, Darren Aronofsky's next three films are The Wrestler, The Fighter (boxing) and Black Swan (…ballet).

» I love that Stanford scheduled both Harvard and Yale as pre-season basketball opponents.

» More dubious championship ring: Darko or Gagne?