Adam Ramblings 2

» Adding insult to injury, Bills fans live in Buffalo.

» ESPN should've kept Joe Theismann on Monday Night Football but banished him from the booth like Paul Maguire. "Hey, Mike and Tony! I'm inside the scoreboard!"

» Colt Brennan is like a white Rodman.

» Disney Channel sitcoms sure feature a lot of white guys with shaggy hair.

» "Cause of death?" [snicker] "Botched tit job."

» Kasumi is like the Japanese equivalent of Amber.

» Cat Cora is a lesbian?!

» "Persnickety people, exceptional cheese!"

» I like the idea of pie, but when I eat pie, I just want to eat the crust. My ideal pie is a pie filled with crust — a crust pie.

NONE Pizza with Left Beef