Adam Ramblings 5

» LSU vs. ?

» Roe vs. ?

» ? vs. The Volcano

» The problem with a BCS Selection Show is that, unlike an NCAA Tournament Selection Show, people can deduce BCS match-ups beforehand, thereby eliminating any suspense.

» "Justify Your Season" should be a regular feature on SportsCenter.

» I've seen fans throw roses and oranges onto a football field, but never tortilla chips or sugar.

» This season, Cal lost to two teams that lost to Notre Dame.

» "Run Run Pass Punt" is a good band name.

» From the Wikipedia page for the Brazilian version of The Amazing Race:

In Leg 6, on their way to the pit stop, Andréa & Luciana were held up at gunpoint by three men at a stoplight. While the team did not lose anything, the criminals took the camera and all personal documents from the crew, and ran off as shots were fired by the police. This incident dropped the team from 4th to last place, and no time credit was given for the situation.

Oof. On the bright side, they could be Georgia.

» Dear cleft lip/palate foundations: I don't appreciate being ambushed by faces of deformed children when flipping through Sunday ads.

» Disney Channel sitcoms feature a lot of single parents, surprisingly.

» The high school I attended is the 224th best public high school in America. Yay? I can't figure out what "Subs. Lunch" or "E & E" stand for.

» I may start drinking again if UCLA loses to John Beilein for a third consecutive year on the 22nd in Ann Arbor.

» Mario Chalmers grew up in Alaska and fled to…Kansas.

» In retrospect, the video for "Black or White" by Michael Jackson is a hot mess.

What is the point of Macaulay Culkin blasting George Wendt to Africa?

Why is Michael dancing with an Indian woman in traffic?

Did the Indian woman just morph into Isiah Thomas?

Why is a panther on set?

Why is Michael fondling himself in a racist neighbourhood?

Why is his fly down?

So many questions…

» The talent booked for Spike TV's 2007 Video Game Awards is an
equally hot mess:

Criss Angel
Kurt and Karen Angle
Tia Carrere
Zachary "Chuck" Levi
Tony Hawk
Rocket Ismail
Quinton "Rampage" Jackson
Forrest Griffin
Don King
The Hills' Heidi and Spencer
Matt Leinart
Dave Navarro
Patton Oswalt
Brian Posehn
Tila Tequila
Anton Yelchin

It's like the Southland Tales of award shows.

» Saying "The phrase 'jump the shark' has jumped the shark" has jumped the shark.

Christian Bale is in negotiations to play John Connor in Terminator 4
Bill O'Reilly interviews ALF
Sanjaya Malakar's iTunes EP
Beard Cap