Adam Ramblings 8

» Slick said he wants Norm Chow to be his offensive coordinator, but I hear Brian Billick is available.

» With all due respect to marching bands, college football game halftimes are
way too long.

» "As the world's number one receiver, I want to be with the world's number one domain registrar." That line blows me up every time.

» I created a tumblelog so I could link stuff I see on other tumblelogs and personalize redundancy.

» Idea: international dim sum. Cart around coxhinas and pierogi and samosas…

» "From the makers of Love Actually: Definitely, Maybe." Surely not a coincidence.

» I saw a license plate frame that read: "Pan Am. Gone But Not Forgotten." Where did the driver buy that? I wondered. Who's selling license plate frames that commemorate an airline?

» Stay classy, Yahoo!.

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