Fortified with optimism

HBO is developing "Hung," a comedy series about a well-endowed man who figures out a way to take advantage of his physical gift. [more]

"It's Little Donny meets Spider-Man!"

I bet he figures out how to take advantage of his gift in therapy.

Suckiest blog Zach Braff Yankees masturbation!

» The NFL Draft is the opposite of a Sephora store.

» I wish employers in other fields guaranteed entry-level hires millions of dollars for their potential.

» Under Armour needs to change ad agencies.

MTV has ordered Chubby Model, a plus-sized model competition. [more]

» Zito is more of a cancer to the Giants than Bonds ever (supposedly) was.

Oxygen is developing Dance Your Ass Off, a combination of dancing and weight loss competitions. [more]

» Delonte West's voice sounds like a cross between Meatwad, Adam Sandler and The Ladies Man.

» Al Horford has big ears.

» When did Cheryl Miller become Snoop of The Wire?

G4 is developing Anytown Beatdown, a UFC-style series where friends and rivals resolve their differences by fighting in an octagon. [more]

» I can't escape the trailer for My Best Friend's Girl at the cineplex. In retrospect, I'm glad that Marcia Gay Harden beat out Kate Hudson for "best supporting actress."

» "Teddy Grahams, mozzarella sticks and strawberry yogurt flavored dip" is an actual Lunchables Jr. snack combination.

» I've never eaten or even seen a hot cross bun.

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