Teenage Wasteland

On the drive to work today, I heard "Fly" by Sugar Ray on Star 101.3, and Super Cat's breakdown — the best part of the song — was missing! I guess it was too ethnic for an adult contemporary station.

For a long time, I thought Super Cat and Sugar Ray's DJ were the same guy in the video for "Fly," and his omnipresence amazed me. He's sitting poolside, the camera pans into the pool, and he's in the pool! Whaaa?

I'd include Sugar Ray's DJ among the least essential band members of the 90s, along with the rapper in 311, the dancer in The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, U-God in the Wu-Tang Clan, and the guy who says "you gotta keep 'em separated" when The Offspring perform "Come Out and Play."

The Paper is my new favourite television series. It bucks the conventional wisdom that a show needs likable characters to succeed.

For the uninitiated, The Paper follows Amanda, the editor-in-chief of a high school newspaper, and her editorial staff, who hate her with the passion of the Christ.

I should sympathize with Amanda, but she reminds me of the female EIC of my high school paper, whom, as a member of the editorial staff, I resented and disparaged with fellow editors.

I always feel like an idiot after I talk to Drew.

Every conversation of ours inevitably ends with me wondering, "Why did I say that?" His words are 80 proof.

The opening night film at the 2008 Los Angeles Film Festival is Wanted.

The closing night film is Hellboy II.


» How much money did Fox throw at Zach Galifianakis to appear in What Happens in Vegas…?

» Idea: "Spare the child, spoil the rod" as a tagline for male abstinence.

» I saw a Prius today with the following bumper stickers: "UC Berkeley," "W '04" and "Yes."

» What happened to all the yellow magnetic ribbons? I must've missed the memo that said we no longer support our troops.

» The Dark Knight's Harvey Dent reminds me of Matthew Modine's character on Weeds.

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