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Indiana Jones and the Close Encounters of the Third Kind

» Kurt and Shing both described it as "fun," which is about as assuring as Paula Abdul praising your outfit for her critique.

» Lucas: "Hound Dog"? Russians? Greasers? A diner? I can't tell what era this is! The 80s? We need a gratuitous nucular explosion!

» Video idea: Bob Falfa challenges Mutt Williams to a drag race.

» What, exactly, was the point of the masked, chop-socky dart-spitters?

» Kingdom of the Cheap-Looking Plastic Skull is more like it.

» I want an animated .gif of Harrison Ford jerking his head about while "communicating" with the skull.

» The chase sequence in the forest references the forest chase sequence in The Incredibles, which references the forest chase sequence in Return of the Jedi. Note that Lucasfilm founded Pixar.

» "Me Tarzan. You dad."

» Monkeys = Ewoks.

» I hope the gold jewelry was worth it, Mac. At least Elsa died trying to retrieve the Holy Grail.

A number of production photos were stolen from Spielberg's office. Roderick Eric Davis, 37, pled guilty to two felony counts and will serve two years and four months in jail.


I'd say "This is proof that even as part of a pure money-grab, Spielberg isn't capable of making an unmitigated disaster," but the guy's last sequel was "The Lost World."

I must've missed the memo that said The Lost World was a disaster, because I LOVED it.

Granted, I haven't seen it since 1998, and if I saw it again today, my opinion might change, but I saw it seven times at cinemas — twice on one day!

I loved the tiny dinosaurs attacking a girl and ripping off bits of a man's flesh.

I loved the teetering trailer sequence.

I loved the two Tyrannosaurus Rexes jointly tearing a man apart.

I loved the T. Rex squashing a man under its foot, sticking its tongue in a waterfall and roaming suburban San Diego.

I loved the raptors picking people off in high grass and losing traction on tile roofing.

My favourite scene:
A woman (I don't remember who) digs a hole under a door to escape an outbuilding. She sticks her head through the hole to check for raptors, pulls out to report that the coast is clear and BAM! A raptor busts through the door, jolting the audience.

Indy-themed mint-crisp limited-edition M&Ms