Catamaran Intimacy

I noticed my dominant hand tremoring twice today.

I hope it's not serious. I'm going to Vegas next week and Los Angeles the week after, and I'd hate for a medical condition to dampen my vacation.

This season, with the "little boxes" suburban town of Agrestic all but burned down, "Weeds" relocates to the Mexican border. After the [premiere], the super-catchy Malvina Reynolds theme song will vanish. [source]

Good. Don't be like season four of Entourage.


New 90210 producer Gabe Sachs would like to keep the old theme song and ask a different band every week to record their own updated version.

I questioned the idea at first, but

this is cool, even sans video,

and apparently, No Use for a Name interpreted it with lyrics.

Compared to contemporary television show theme songs, 90210's is downright eternal.

American Airlines defended its new $15 fee for a first checked bag, saying it was a bargain compared with the cost of shipping a 45-pound bag overnight on a package-delivery company. [source]

Also a bargain compared with the cost of shipping a 45-pound bag overnight via a package-delivery company: checking a 45-pound bag for free.

How is Brian Scalabrine still in the NBA? His ring will be even more dubious than Darko's. Kool-Aid Man deserves his spot.

Top 6 Collectibles at Paula Deen's Savannah Store Gift Shop

For under a dollar, you can send a loved one Paula's ecstatic face wedged between real cheese biscuits. The cashier told me Deen "reeked of cheddar for weeks after the photo shoot."


Unless… Does her restaurant have a cheese biscuit pit?

Haircut Art
Wiispray prototype graffiti controller

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  1. vladmir 09 Jun 08 at 22:15

    sadly I lost interest in Weeds 1/4 of the way after the third season but I really wonder what will be the next theme song.

    90210 is a timeless theme song.


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