I've been frowning for five hours straight


Monday at lunch, I watched Floyd Reese pretend to lay-off Marcellus Wiley on NFL Live. Seriously, ESPN? Role play? Who cares how teams cut franchise players?

amazon.com forum discussion:

Darius says:
i am growing out a pony tail and i think i gonna either use used motor oil or animal fat to grease my hair. i dont really trust the products in stores.


via Seamus:

FINDLAY, Ohio — On the Internet, in his grocery store, at his neighbor's house, at his son's auto shop, Jim Peterman has absorbed that Barack Obama, born in Africa, is a possibly gay Muslim racist who refuses to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

"I think Obama would be a disaster, and there's a lot of reasons," said his friend Leroy Pollard, explaining the rumors he had heard about the candidate from friends he goes camping with.

"I understand he's from Africa, and that the first thing he's going to do if he gets into office is bring his family over here, illegally. He's got that racist [pastor] who practically raised him, and then there's the Muslim thing." [source]

"Oh and he rapes puppies."

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