Guest Blogger: Daniel Faraday

George Carlin, RIP

I don't have many heroes, but George Carlin is one of them.

When I first watched Jammin' in New York, his 1992 HBO special, I was instantly infected with his love of language and artfully crafted rants.

Even though he presented himself as an apolitical grump with "major psychotic" hatred for everyone and everything around him, I always picked up on an underlying set of morals and principles.

Carlin liked to repeat this expression, when asked to explain his work: "Scratch any cynic, and underneath you'll find a disappointed idealist." This resonates with me in ways that I'm still realizing. Anytime I become too cynical, I try to remind myself that it's only my idealism crying out.

To me, George Carlin was a political and cultural agitator masked as a comedian. And that's something I've always admired and often tried to emulate.

I didn't always agree with what he said and, sometimes, I was downright offended. But I loved the way he crafted it together. His work was poetry.

I miss him already.

This video is incredible. One guy dances a silly dance with people all over the world.

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  1. lozo 10 Jul 08 at 09:11

    I literally just watched all three of those Matt dancing videos four minutes ago because someone in my office forwarded them, came here, and now I want to punch you as hard as I want to punch Matt.

    After sitting through the 2005 mix, I forwarded it to my friends. There responses:

    1. "Actually, that’s pretty stupid."
    2. "You owe me 30 seconds of my life back."

    Get a job, Matt.

  2. lozo 10 Jul 08 at 09:12

    And I'm just noticing the post and links are like two weeks old. What the hell, man?

  3. ernest riles 10 Jul 08 at 11:14

    time travel.

    can't wait for the fourth of July post.

  4. lozo 10 Jul 08 at 13:13

    Ahhhh. Lost. Time stuff. Got it. Great work. Clever. Keep it up. Keep it right up.

  5. Adam 11 Jul 08 at 04:24

    I swear to god Jon. You make my brain hurt. I just thought you were trying to be ironic posting old shit – but joke's on me, like usual.


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