Meditations in an Emergency

The companion shirt reads: "I heart Tim Allen." (obscure reference!)

I wonder if he bought the shirt or designed it himself. Either way…

Apparently [Tony] Jaa walked off the set [of Ong Bak 2] two months ago, stressed over the work load of his directorial debut.

Some reports say that Jaa has retreated to some remote caves in northern Thailand to meditate and / or practice black magic.

Another report from Thailand's biggest daily paper says that they had a reporter meet with Jaa at a 'safe house' where he [claimed] Sahamongkol Films only ever provided him with half of the budgeted production funds, leaving him to make up the shortfall out of his own pocket and claiming that he is now personally bankrupt as a result – unable to pay his mortgage and with his electricity disconnected. [source]

Someone document this shit with cameras! It's like a Thai Hearts of Darkness!

Better drugs: British Columbia or Colombia?

*ding* "We're beginning our descent…"


30 minutes later:

*ding* "We're beginning our final descent…"

Okay, next time just inform me when I need my seat upright and tray table locked. Fuckin' teases…

My favourite seat on a plane is the left window seat in the second-to-last row. It used to be the left window seat in the last row until I concluded that I couldn't recline comfortably.

Yes, I'm a tailie.

I prefer to sit in the backs of planes because I feel like if a plane crashes, the people in the front die first and I could maybe survive.

I also wear socks with sandals.

Has anyone ever re-considered sitting beside an emergency exit door?

"I'm not sure I can open this. [to the cabin] Hey, does anyone want extra leg room?"

T-Pain should cover "Blue" by Eiffel 65.

On December 2, 2000, the Smashing Pumpkins played a farewell concert at the Metro, the same Chicago club where their career effectively began 12 years earlier. The four-hour-long show featured 35 songs spanning the group's career, and attendees received a recording of the band's first concert at the Metro — Live at Cabaret Metro 10-5-88.

This fall, the Pumpkins will celebrate their 20th anniversary with a handful of shows that will focus on the band's history, legacy and accomplishments over their career.

Their planned Gish tour, coinciding with a re-issue of their debut album, has been pushed back to 2009.

"Come celebrate our career!"
"Come celebrate our 20th anniversary!"
"Come celebrate our debut album!"

The Smashing Pumpkins are rock Disneyland.

WWE has hired Freddie Prinze, Jr. as a member of its creative team. [source]

I know what you did when Hollywood stopped calling!

DID YOU KNOW? We have no clue what the fuck we're doing. (inside joke!)

Randy Orton was nominated for Best Baddie in the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards in the U.K. Orton was nominated with The Dalks, Plankton in SpongeBob and Simon Cowell [source]

Orton is, of course, most famous for unscriptedly pooping in a WWE diva's gym bag.

Red Mango offers watermelon as a topping. For frozen yogurt.

Whole Foods should hold a contest where the winner can go on an eating spree in his or her local Market's hot food section. Every time I visit, I just want to try everything.

Almond Joy Is In Denial About Its Almond Usage (the comments amused me)
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  1. Cangrejero 29 Jul 08 at 07:49

    Whole Foods should hold a contest where the winner can go on an eating spree in his or her local Market's hot food section. Every time I visit, I just want to try everything.

    The Durham Whole Foods (along with its neighbor, the Raleigh Whole Foods) is notorious for having a really nasty hot bar. Occasionally they'll have (I shit you not) "taco" day where they leave a pile of what looks like steaming cat hairballs in there all day. When I see the Duke kids eating that crap I just want to vomit. I stick to the cold stuff.

  2. Jon 29 Jul 08 at 12:34

    I suppose it depends on the Whole Foods. The hot food section (multiple bars) in the Cupertino one rivals Vegas buffets.

  3. Cangrejero 29 Jul 08 at 12:46

    Yeah, the one in Chapel Hill is actually quite nice.

  4. Forest 29 Jul 08 at 18:31

    I don't know if you were referring to the Tim Allen shirt or the vaginas shirt, but the latter of the two was actually put out by a feminist group on the University of Michigan campus to promote their Vagina Monologues show.


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