The Most Dangerous Game

stepping up my effort to completely alienate what little audience we have…

—did you ever play magic?
—I'm afraid that's one skeleton that is missing from my closet

—did you ever play magic?
—ive watched people play it
—my friends and i once agreed that "tapping your mana" is a good euphemism for taking a crap

—did you ever play magic?
—but I was kicked out of the magic group at school
—probably because I didn't play magic
—just made fun of them the entire time
—they airbrushed me out of the yearbook photo

—did you ever play magic?
—… no. never. not for a year in 8th grade that I don't want to talk about because it's embarrassing.

—did you ever play magic?
—I did play the Star Trek Collectible Card Game


I've never played Magic: The Gathering.

Back in the day, I watched friends play but never cared to participate.

When I heard that Wizards of the Coast was releasing a new card game from the creator of Magic, however, I wanted in on the ground floor.

Forget Magic, I thought. I'm-a be the cool kid at school who plays Jyhad.

I spent like $100 on a Jyhad starter deck and booster packs.

Worst. Investment. Ever.

No one else I knew adopted Jyhad, leaving me a bunch of cards for a stupid fantasy game that I couldn't play.

Remember, this was pre-Internet.

I asked Ben, who "played religiously for 8 years" and "attended a pro tour for fun," to share a Magic story or two.


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