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Season 4 Chat:

Did Danny push to get any of his musician friends on the show? I know he's been pushing to have Mike Patton on the show.

Glenn Howerton: Danny was. I know that Patton was willing to do it at one point. I don't know if that is still the case.

Kaitlin Olson: We do have Rob Thomas on the show this season, speaking of musician friends.

Charlie Day: He teams up with Sinbad the comedian. They make quite the team.

Rob McElhenney: I run into them in a rehab facility. They have ruined their lives with drugs and alcohol. And Sinbad has made Rob Thomas his bitch. And he has now set out to make me his bitch.

Sinbad has made Rob Thomas his bitch.

Is there any show that you'd want to do a cross-over with? What about Trailer Park Boys?

My bladder would explode if that ever happened. Charlie and Bubbles?

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