The man with the plastic suns

I desperately need to unload a ticket for a screening of Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler this Sunday night in Toronto. Anyone?

Josh messaged me at work this morning.

—i was watching tv last night
—saw a trailer for bangkok dangerous
—while it was on
—there was an awful high pitched noise coming from the tv
—theyre using those tweeter things to get kids to look at the screen
—pretty sneaky


—the high pitched sounde
—only younger people can hear

—like a dog whistle?
—kinda yeah
—only its a pitch only young people can hear

—so lionsgate embedded a noise only young people can hear in an trailer for bangkok dangerous in hopes of capturing your attention
—you're triggin'

This week on The Secret Life of the American Teenager:

I'm-a keep posting these shizzle reels until you people enjoy them.

The band following Amy playing "I Am Woman" as she walked to class has secured SLAT's place as the WORST thing I have ever seen on television in the history of ever. What? WHAT? WHAT?! [source]

Next week: Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson guest stars.

Hot Beef Sundae (sfw)
Porn of the now: Motel Rwanda (sfw)
Resident Evil 4: Wang Monster Edition (nsfw)

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  1. Adam 04 Sep 08 at 10:37

    Not that I want to watch the Bangkok Dangerous trailer anymore, but I cant hear that sound. Not because I'm too old, but because my hearing is such shit. At least I don't need hearing to see Cage's awesome hair.


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