Back up against the wall

I told you.

I heard the end of game six on the radio and it sounded like a win at Fenway.

Congo, it seems, is finally facing its horrific rape problem.


One speaker, Claudine Mwabachizi, told how she was kidnapped by bandits in the forest, strapped to a tree and repeatedly gang-raped. The bandits did unspeakable things, she said, like disemboweling a pregnant woman right in front of her. [source]

My initial reaction? This would be a good horror flick.

Cinematic death idea: Smother someone with exposed fiberglass insulation.

I caught a bit of the Michigan at Penn State game, during which time Penn State's band played "Seven Nation Army" ad nauseam. The crowd showed remarkable restraint in not murdering the band.

When UCLA overtook Stanford with 0:10 left in the game, I instinctively flashed back to last Sunday's Bears game against the Falcons and began feeling sick.

"New Chik-Fil-A sauce" is so vague.

Brad Pitt: What's in the sauce? WHAT'S IN THE FUCKIN' SAUCE?

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