Kill the pig! Cut his throat!

At lunch today, I caught a viewer comment on CNN's ticker that read: "I don't want a socialist in the White House."

McCain must be pretty contemptuous of his supporters to play the "socialist" card.

How can you call Obama a "socialist" derisively when your party, your President and your Presidential candidate all just helped nationalize our banking system?

How can "real Americans" call Obama a "socialist" derisively when "their" farmers regularly request government bailouts?

I saw an image of a man wearing a jacket that read "change" on the back with a hammer and sickle as the "g."


And this:

After suffering crushing, back-to-back Ls to W and with the edge in this election, the Democrats would be astoundingly foolish to field a TERRORIST as their candidate.

David Horowitz was a Marxist in his youth. Thus, conservatives are Marxists. Guilt by association, right?

Extra, extra! Marxists hate socialist! Obama launches first satellite into orbit! omHg!

Blind loyalty and susceptibility recall members of a certain German socialist party…

A few "Yes on 8" lawn signs recently popped up in front of houses on my running route. I ran past one such house today and impulsively greeted the woman gardening outside with: "Hey, faggot!"

Why must marriage be protected?

Marriage, like socialism, is bullshit. Man invented the concept of marriage. It has no sanctity to preserve. My jerk-off fantasies are as holy as Rob's marriage.

If only religious organizations poured the same time, money and effort into championing more constructive causes…

I mean, God forbid two dudes pick a cake. (God forbid?)

But the children!

"We want to indoctrinate them ourselves!"

Spill his blood! Bash him in!

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  1. vladmir 22 Oct 08 at 11:29

    there are so many yes on 8 signs in my neighborhood. i just don't get what the big deal is. how does it ruin the fabric of our nation? religious nuts bother me.

    my obama yard sign is proudly sandwiched between a mccain sign and a yes on 8. if only there were no on 8 signs just so i could piss off the elderly that i live next to.

  2. Jon 22 Oct 08 at 12:30

    there are "no on 8" signs. i've seen homemade ones too.

  3. Pepe 22 Oct 08 at 21:40


  4. garkahar 22 Oct 08 at 22:23

    very few "nos" around here… ive seen one and it is in a rather liberal city.

    as far as a vote for yes.. there is large push behind it regarding the jobs of clergymen. Dont get me wrong, I do not care what people do…its their rights, but this is in defense of clergymen's jobs. I have a friend whose father is a bishop. A passing "no" on the proposition COULD possibly risk him his job. If he, as a figure who can acknowledge a marriage (now gay ones too), is asked to wed a gay couple and refuses because of his religion and the religious turmoil it would create in the church he is liable to be sued for not upholding the law…. now think about how many religions officially recognize and accept homosexuality as a non-burn-in-hell kind of ordeal?

    Other than that I don't really care about them gays.

    about farmers… I am pretty sure that I am wrong, but if i remember correctly farmers were asked to waste their milk supply in order to create a stable milk price…. in return they received a government subsidy, no?

    if they had said no their profits could have been phenomenal? Now we are on harder times and the farmers are asking for favors… (now if i was correct about my previous statement) how are you to say they are socialists?

  5. vladmir 23 Oct 08 at 00:24

    how does a "no" on 8 risk a clergyman's job? the law doesn't change anybody's religious rights. churches don't have to marry gays.

    THE STATE has to allow gay marriages with a no vote. and in reality, why not? is it fair to have two separate rules for different groups of people? prop 8 is a mormon and dobson funded religious hate law. keep church and state separate and don't deny anybody's equal rights.

    i also don't see how allowing gay marriage ruins the institution of marriage… are there a bunch of closet homosexuals in heterosexual marriages that are somehow scared that if gay marriage is legal they'll skip out on their families and go gay? this is ridiculous.

    no clergy will lose their jobs, garkahar. you're buying into the bullshit.

  6. vladmir 23 Oct 08 at 00:28

    and garkahar if you're going to make it into a religious rights thing… what about the gay churches in san francisco? wouldn't they lose their jobs of marrying gays if 8 passes? (clergy do a lot more than just marry people, by the way.)

  7. chris 23 Oct 08 at 00:41

    any kind of subsidy is inherently socialist. It is a government directly intervening into a free market. a milk subsidy for example will throw the price of milk out of equilibrium and create an excess supply of milk in the market. the only entity that benefits from such a subsidy are the farmers themselves, unless you really like government cheese.

  8. garkahar 23 Oct 08 at 00:53

    they can be sued if they do not honor the gay couples right to be wed in the church, that is why vlad. a mormon church would like to invoke its right to not wed a gay couple because they do not believe in it thus they are NOT upholding the law. THEY CAN BE SUED.

    i thought i had made that clear. maybe the word clergymen may have created some confusion. i shall rephrase and say priests, bishops, magistrates… whoever the hell is responsible for union, in a church, of a couple to be wed.

    i never said gay marriage challenged the construct of marriage.

    gay churches will obviously have no problem wedding gays, now would they?

    correct about subsidies. subsidies have been given since the 1930s, why is it any different now. imagine had the subsidies never been given and capitalism regulated the field. Monopoly? Complete price control? Oil?

  9. garkahar 23 Oct 08 at 00:54

    maybe not so much about oil.. didn't put too much thought into that.

  10. vladmir 23 Oct 08 at 01:55

    no… they can't be sued garkahar. gay marriage pertains to the state issuing marriage licenses. not to churches performing marriage ceremonies. very different things. EVERY couple (regardless of being homo or hetero) has to get a marriage license through the government. a church ceremony is not even necessary to be "married."

    they can't be sued. you are wrong.

  11. Jon 23 Oct 08 at 02:43



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