Where's Fluffy?

The Curious Case of Benjamin Boring

Forrest Gump and Big Fish mined similar territory more effectively. The best part is the clock story at the beginning.


How can the daughter not know anything about her mother – dancing, anything?

Daisy returns from France one day after repeatedly treating Ben like shit and they just live happily ever after?

If the baby Benjamin Button was still a baby-sized baby who just had wrinkles and stuff, how was the super-old Benjamin Button not a six-foot baby? I was really looking forward to the gigantic baby. [source]

The actor who plays teenage Button plays teenage Kirk's brother in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. He also played Charlie's "son" on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Meredith's son on The Office.

He reminds me of the actor who played Brad on Home Improvement, who I once envisioned as rat-tailed Derek in a live-action adaptation of Bobby's World. I also pictured Christina Applegate as Kelly and John Goodman as Uncle Ted.

I wonder how Howie'd do it.


I wanted more build-up to his assassination. I wish Dan White was the A-plot and Proposition 6 the B-plot.

If nothing else, it ends perfectly.

You get kind of weird when you see Pineapple Express' stoner making out with Fast Times at Ridgemont High's. [source]


[phone rings]

Spider-Man and Iron Man sleep together in Wonder Boys.

[phone rings]

Excuse me.


"Jon, I think I'm gonna kill myself."

"What? Why?"
"My folks are gonna take me to this place tomorrow. A hospital. To fix me."
"Well, do you want to spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair?"

"Er, no…"

"Hey, let me ask you: Can you be a bottom? Do you feel"


"Hold on. I'm receiving another call."


"[sigh] What is it, Diego?"

"Nothing. Just wondering when you'll be free. I thought we could go masturbate on diving boards at our country club."
"Diego, I'm busy right now. Can you… Hold on."


[disconnect tone]


"Thanks a lot, Diego. I was just about the settle the mystery of paraplegic bottoming when you… Go kill yourself!"


Sorry about that.

Where was I?

Right. Milk.

Josh was an extra and claims to be the cameraman in the dog poop scene at Full House park.

The cameraman kinda looks like

[phone rings]



"I'm guessing that isn't your brother!" [audience laughter]

"Oh. Heh. May I ask who's calling?"
"Wrong number? I think you want a deli. Hold on. Let me transfer you to one."

"The third Musketeer?"


  1. Josh 05 Jan 09 at 21:30

    haha, where'd you find that picture? too bad my face is obscured.

  2. z 11 Jan 09 at 23:45

    button was more plodding than a clydesdale, yet milk was warm and nutritious