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I just realized that my mobile has been powered off since December.

I never carry my phone with me. I am so fucked in the event of an emergency.

Film idea: A long-suffering [insert sports team] fan learns that he's terminally ill.

a. The fan vows to witness his beloved team win a championship before he dies by any means necessary (Tonya Harding?).

b. The fan dies but lives on as a ghost because of an unresolved issue (never seeing his team win a championship).

c. A Cubs fan dies and discovers that Chicago is teeming with ghost Cubs fans and that evil ones (reprobates who do not want to go to Hell?) instigated the Bartman incident.

That's what I have so far.

Can ghosts with unresolved issues even go to Hell? Or are ghosts only allowed to linger on Earth if they're destined for Heaven?

The subject of ghosts is one of my blind spots.

I caught a bit of a hockey game at a bar.

The power play clock was sponsored by an Indian casino.

More sports should adopt power-play-ish stipulations to accelerate games and add intrigue.

In basketball: After fifteen team fouls, every player who commits a foul must sit for two minutes without a replacement on the court.

In baseball: For every extra inning, each team must eliminate a position from its line-up (pitcher/designated hitter and catcher excluded). Managers must debate whether to sacrifice offense or defense.

» The promos for tonight's episode of CSI: Miami show the body of a murdered flight attendant rolling off a conveyor belt onto an airport baggage carousel.

Unless the baggage handler(s) were involved in her murder (unlikely), how could a corpse ever reach a carousel?

» Chevy's current ad campaign for its Silverado is essentially Howie Long calling other trucks faggots.

ad of the now

Finally: I filled out a bracket.


  1. Drew 17 Mar 09 at 00:08

    I just saw that episode, and I'm guessing you don't care if I spoil it: Another flight attendant (Jessi from "Kyle XY") and an air marshal (Carver from "The Wire") were smuggling pills on the flight, and the murdered flight attendant caught them in the act. Jessi got scared she would be turned in, so she drugged her coworker in "the romper room" (a posh secluded bungalow for flight staff that is present on ALL PLANES), dropped her through a trap door into the cargo hold, and stuffed her unconscious body into a long, narrow container designed for transporting skis. Then after the luggage was removed from the plane, I think she fell out of the case and had her skull crushed by the robotic arm that directs the luggage to different carousels. There were many, many flight/plane/flying puns in this episode.

  2. Jon 17 Mar 09 at 00:13

    Jessi from Kyle XY and Carver from The Wire, eh?

    Last week's CSI: Miami guest starred the father from Kyle XY, Kirsten from The O.C. and Julie from Friday Night Lights.


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