Greg Paulus, you will be missed.

Should GM continue contributing to collegiate scholarship funds? Chevrolet's scholarship program burns $2000 per college basketball game, and $128,000 on the NCAA DI tournament alone.

Add another $1000 for the Pontiac game-changing performance of the tournament.

Every time I see an "I'm a PC, and I'm cute and underage" ad, I think of child stars and picture said PCs as troubled teenage Macs.

I was flipping through an issue of Spin from 1998 (Eric Cartman as Janet Jackson on the cover) and saw a photo of Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot) with a scar on the outside of his right forearm the length of his right forearm.

What happened to your arms? There are, like, matching ten-inch wounds running down them.

It happened in Seattle. We had problems with the PA guy; he kept turning us down. We left the stage three times and I was getting pissed off and the audience was getting completely violent. At some point, I took a razor blade and cut myself on both sides. There was blood all over. When I got off stage everybody was going "Hey Alec…," because the meat was going like [makes lip-smacking sound]."

I wonder how he reacts when television stations obnoxiously lower the volume between commercial breaks.

The actor who played Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation now raps under the moniker "Drake."

Whatever, right?

According to The Globe and Mail, however:

» his mentor is Lil Wayne
» he worked on Dr. Dre's album Detox
» Stevie Wonder warms up for shows to the first song he ever recorded
» his latest leaked track is a Wayne-assisted remix of Santigold's "Unstoppable"

He's Jewish too. A rare black Jewish rapper.

Whoa. Shyne is a practicing Jew?

ON NOTICE: Taco Bell, for discontinuing spicy chicken. The spicy chicken soft taco was the best item on its menu.

More-Realistic Names for Chex Party Mix (Based on My Personal Experience)
McDonald's Tests Big Mac in a Tortilla
IKEA Concept Car
Idaho teacher sells advertising space on tests
Boldly Going Nowhere pilot script (from the creators of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)


  1. Josh 27 Mar 09 at 06:06

    That's Scheyer in the pictures.

  2. Jon 27 Mar 09 at 12:00

    I am aware. The pictures and the comment are unrelated.

  3. bdot 30 Mar 09 at 01:01

    sadly, mcD's is "testing" the mac wrap in ontario as well.

    i am such a victim.


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