Time out of mind

Do people still bury time capsules?

I remember burying one in elementary school. In retrospect, it was an inverted landfill.

Have any time capsules ever been unearthed? I've yet to hear of a single capsule unearthing. Surely we must be nearing the centennial retrieval date of at least one.

Both the 1939 and 1965 Westinghouse Time Capsules are meant to be opened in 6939.

The Crypt of Civilization (1936) at Oglethorpe University [is] scheduled to be opened in 8113.

The KEO satellite time capsule will be launched [into space] in 2009 or 2010, carrying individual messages from Earth's inhabitants addressed to earthlings around the year 52,000, when KEO will return to Earth. [source]


If a time capsule is buried and no one is around to open it, does it make any sense?

Earth will be uninhabitable by 3000, if not sooner.

52,000… Pfff!

During the socialist period in the USSR, many time capsules were buried with messages to the people who would live in the future communist society.

How would the people in the future know to unearth said time capsules? Via, say, messages sent in the future?

I remember writing a letter (or two) to my future self in middle or high school. I hope I eventually receive it. Because I'm not mortified enough by what's in the Adam Riff™ archives.

I wonder how many future letters are never received because a teacher dies or a student's parents move.

Or postage increases.

"11 cents more each? Forget it."

Film Idea: A man discovers that events he predicted in a letter he wrote to himself in high school all transpired, except for one – his murder.

Video Game Idea: A post-apocalyptic shooter without the typical weaponry. You defend yourself with weapons you find inside time capsules unearthed by the "apocalypse," like a musket or bolas.

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  1. Aaron 03 Apr 09 at 10:58

    Both the film and video game idea sound pretty sweet.


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