The Last Temptation of Antichrist

After knocking him unconscious, [Charlotte] Gainsbourg bores a hole in Dafoe's leg with a hand drill and bolts him to a grindstone to keep him from escaping. Then, she smashes his scrotum with some sort of blunt object. We don't actually see his testicles become disengaged from this body, though it's apparently implied. Next, she brings him to a climax with her hands and he ejaculates blood (yes, it's shown).

Later, in an extreme closeup, Gainsbourg cuts off her own clitoris with a pair of scissors.

So What Happens to Willem Dafoe's Genitals in Lars Von Trier's Antichrist, Anyway?


  1. Aaron 19 May 09 at 11:24

    He somehow manages to have an orgasm after having his testicles smashed and cut off? UNREALISTIC.

  2. Sarah 19 May 09 at 13:28

    Did Lars von Trier lose a bet with Eli Roth?


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