Double Feature


Everything involving Carl and Ellie is excellent, particularly the opening montage, but the boy, the bird and the dogs all feel contrived.

I facepalmed when the boy Aesops (and I paraphrase): "We remember life's boring moments the most."

For all its faults, Gran Torino mines the same territory more satisfyingly.

Drag Me to Hell

The parking lot fight between Christine and the gypsy is excellent, but the haunting that follows works better with multiple victims. With one victim, it grows wearisome.

Also: I expected better pay-offs with Stu and the Spanish medium.

Why does Christine have an anvil hanging in her storage shed?

Justin Long's character noticeably owns an iMac and an iPhone. I wonder if he's contractually obligated to use Apple products in his films.

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  1. Drew 31 May 09 at 23:16

    I noticed the iPhone too. Funny. That's gotta be on paper somewhere. All in all I thought it was a pretty good showcase for some good ol' Raimi goofiness.


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