If I Die In A WiFi Zone, Box Me Up And Send Me Home

Making fun of SkyMall magazine is way past a comedic cliche by this point (the Genesis of blog posts was titled "Dog Staircases: L, Oh, L"), but some of these are so good the makers of SkyMall must be in on the joke.

This item, for instance:

This makes me think that Skymall is marketed towards people who have never heard of Photoshop:

I would expect to find this in the house of a very cool, mischievous grandfather. The kind that would fake his own death to scare the grandkids:

Surprisingly, the most annoying part of my flight wasn't the smelly dreadlock-ed couple making out next to me, it was the old guy trying to convince a couple of Army officers on their way home from Vegas that counting cards is not cheating.

Having seen The Hangover (Jon's review was spot-on, by the way), I can tell you that counting cards is only legal if you come to the table dressed as Rain Man.

It has to be fascinating to be Seth Rogen. First, you participate in one of the most meta-film conversations of the young 00s talking about similar (or 'paired') movie releases in Knocked Up and then star in a paired release of your own (Paul Blart vs. Observe and Report). Can you guess which film screened on my flight to Houston?

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