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note to self: try frozen custard while in detroit

"River Days?"
"It's an annual event."
"Oh. Like that car parade."

"Man, Canada is so close, I feel like if I tried to swim across, the water would become like the endless stairs in Mario 64."

"How do you spell it?"
"Okay, we can travel by freeway or along the water."
"Ooh. A scenic route, like PCH."

West Jefferson Avenue is nothing like the Pacific Coast Highway.

"How many liquor stores does this state need?"

"Heh. A Jiffy Lube re-branded 'Jeff's Lube.' It's like Vons/Jons, only creepy."

Like like like like like.

"Welcome to… How do you pronounce that? 'E-course'? 'Eckers'?"

"Midget Market? What?"

Not my cone (or hand), sadly. I devoured mine before remembering to photograph it.

"This is like softer frosting."

Idea: A frozen treat family tree.

All chocolate soft serve tastes similarly milky to me. As I prefer more potent, darker chocolate, I wish someone would concoct a chocolate soft serve recipe that could challenge chocolate (hard) ice cream and gelato.


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