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After browsing episodes of The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien on Hulu, methinks Conan should begin sending invitations to celebrities instead of questionnaires.

Last week, Conan's primary guests were: Howie Mandel, Samuel L. Jackson, Meredith Vieira, Larry King and Bob Newhart.

Surely the fuckin' Tonight Show can book more relevant guests.

Conan's guests this week, however, suggest otherwise.

A comparison with Letterman:

Monday, July 13
Letterman: Jonah Hill, Gar Ryness, Kelly Clarkson
Conan: Bill Engvall, the cast of Hair

advantage: Letterman. Batting Stance Guy alone > Engvall + Hair.

Letterman: Edie Falco, Michael Showalter, Wilco with Feist
Conan: Michael Phelps, Sugar Ray

advantage: Letterman. Michael Phelps and Sugar Ray?

Letterman: Paul McCartney
Conan: Dana Carvey, Kris Allen

advantage: Letterman. Way to counter-program an hour with Macca.

Letterman: Anderson Cooper, Anna Paquin, Grizzly Bear
Conan: Gerard Butler, Daughtry

advantage: Letterman. True Blood buzz > Ugly Truth buzz.

Letterman: Tom Arnold, Tommy Johnagin, Metric
Conan: Seth Green, Steven Ho, Demi Lovato

advantage: draw

On Friday, July 24, the Trailer Park Boys — Rob Wells, John Paul Tremblay and Mike Smith — will be guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Not sure why…

Keyshawn Johnson and Patton Oswalt were judges on Sunday's episode of Iron Chef America.

Keyshawn is a tough judge.

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  1. Drew 13 Jul 09 at 02:56

    I saw Keyshawn fill in for Jim Rome on "Rome is Burning" the other day and he did a nice job.

    I once saw an "Iron Chef America" with Bone Crusher as a judge. His intro was something like "He loves turkey wings … ladies and gentlemen, BONE CRUSHER!"


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