Weekend Nachos


When the film ended, the gay man sitting in front of me remarked: "Pansies…"

(500) Days of Summer

I don't think the mother-daughter couple sitting beside me expected to see a girl destroy a guy's heart. Fin.

USC's marching band performs with Radiohead at the Grammys; UCLA's marching band performs with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a Hall and Oates dance number.

The ethnically-ambiguous actor who plays Tom's "inexperienced" friend is married to Christina freakin' Hendricks in real life.

Minka Kelly is absolutely an upgrade over Zooey Deschanel.

Shinjuku Incident

Illegal Chinese immigrants as the Mexicans of Tokyo — interesting!

Shinjuku Incident is like a cross between Scarface and The Godfather trilogy with Jackie Chan as Al Pacino.

While touted as Chan's first foray into serious cinema, it's not without comedy:

the tiny subtitles:
1. "Jie. What do you want? Water?"
2. "I want my hand."
3. "Give me back my hand."

Expect lighter posting from me in days ahead. My son is visiting, and he is my priority.

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