Weekend Nachos

Funny People

"What are you celebrating?"

Fuckin' Eminem… He just had to inspire Sandler to prolong the film.

I wouldn't say that the Marin County detour is unnecessary, but 1. an Apatow family variety hour is and 2. Funny People is at heart a bromance between Sandler and Rogen. Sandler's ex and her husband are character development devices, not characters who need to be developed.

PS… Judd did shorten it. I saw a three hour, forty five minute version. [source]

That's 25 minutes longer than The Godfather: Part II.

I'm guessing Judd shortened Rogen's conflict with Jonah Hill and his relationship with the girl from Parks and Recreation.

I'm guessing.

» Ken Jeong appeared in three of the six trailers that preceded the film.

» MySpace? Really?

» Best shirt: Rogen's Zankou Chicken one.

» Salvatore Romano! Rachel Menken!

» Eric Bana's head is distractingly small.

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