At your funeral, I will sing the requiem

Q: Whose funeral would you like to attend purely for stargazing?

I've pondered this question a lot. John Hughes is was a top-five answer.

Once when I was visiting the largest movie theater in Calcutta, I asked if "Star Wars" had been their most successful American film. No, I was told, it was "Baby's Day Out," a Hughes comedy which played for more than a year. [source]

Hughes set many of his films in Chicagoland, and in the latter half of the 90s, I wondered: What if all of John Hughes' Chicagoland films happened at the same time? And what if another film played out in the wings of Hughes' films?

The protagonist pushes his way through a twisting and shouting Von Steuben Day parade. The protagonist catches a news report on the Wet Bandits.

My first (and only) draft — in which I flattened all films ever set in Chicagoland — opened with a manic villain, played by Dicky Barrett of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, unleashing a tsunami inside O'Hare that kills Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz (My Best Friend's Wedding) and Puff Daddy ("I'll Be Missing You" video).

It also contained a detective with a frog's tongue.

a mash-up of the The Breakfast Club's trailer and Degrassi: The Next Generation's Breakfast Club tribute episode

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