Our hearts littering the topsoil

The Kids In The Hall are coming back to television for an eight episode miniseries titled Death Comes To Town.

It will be narrative based series – i.e. not sketch comedy – with a bit of a horror slant in which the Kids populate the entire town themselves. [source]

Comedy Sketch Idea: A Connecticut wigger in King Arthur's court.

Band Name Idea: Nick Swisher's Weak Chin.

If the Yankees and Phillies meet in the World Series, game four will be played on the same day as Giants vs. Eagles — both in Philadelphia, back-to-back on Fox.

Two Sundays ago, a CBS golf announcer compared Tiger Woods to Optimus Prime.

This past Sunday, a CBS golf announcer opined that Padraig Harrington was "about as dead as the Taco Bell chihuahua dog" after gagging at 16.

Later, another CBS golf announcer noted that Miguel Jiménez looks like Mick Hucknell of Simply Red.

CBS' golf announcers are, evidently, the writers of Family Guy.

What would Jeremy Piven's expert salesman character in The Goods think about Jeremy Piven promoting The Goods by guest hosting Monday Night Raw and visiting the Big Brother house?

I like how Sprint sublets space in its television ads to other companies.

I hate how Last.fm catalogues songs it doesn't have (or: every song I want to listen to).

Playing Guitar Hero On Expert While Solving Two Rubik's Cubes
Stephon Marbury Dancing To Barbie Girl
Joy Division Audio Visualizer


  1. Adam 10 Aug 09 at 10:40

    Last time I checked, Last.fm's purpose is to catalog what you listen to. How is it a problem that it's doing it's job? Don't tell me you actually use the site to listen to music? Lame.

  2. Jon 10 Aug 09 at 13:00

    It's a problem when I'm trying to track down a song and, according to Google, Last.fm has it for "free listening," but all Last.fm really has is a page with little more than the song title on it.

    I hate how Last.fm's job duties also include lying and polluting search engines.


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