Hello my name is [redacted], I am a Reviewer at and I would like to review your products, I currently have 197 subscribers and get sometimes between 50-70 views on each video per day

50-70 VIEWS!

I receive a few YouTube product review inquiries each week. They read like form letters.

"Hi, my name is… I review gadgets on YouTube… x number of subscribers…"

I wonder how many companies relent. I mean, it's YouTube. Even if my company's products weren't valued at hundreds of dollars, it's YOUTUBE. I can send the same products to fuckin' Gizmodo!

Worse yet are what I've dubbed "apostles."

Hello there,

My name is [redacted] & from Melbourne, Australia.

I am excited about the prospects to get my hands on a [redacted] and see the potential of a great and exciting new product on the market place.

I would like to offer my services by becoming an affiliate and spread the good news and promote the [redacted] to my business associates and australian consumers.

In exchange, he'll TELL ALL HIS FRIENDS!



I suppose if I was even a fraction as shameless as the YouTube critics and apostles I hear from at work, I'd have a better job.

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