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District 9

I considered rating it , but even grading on a curve as I do, District 9 is missing a je ne sais quoi for me to bestow it our highest honour. I feel similarly about Mad Men.

I feel like Mad Men uses the same set for every scene set in a hotel room.

District 9 budget: $30 million
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra budget: $170 million

District 9 budget: $30 million
Funny People budget: $70 million

District 9 budget: $30 million
The Hangover budget: $35 million

Things that make you go "hmm…"

Mech suits are never not rad. Studios should order re-shoots with mech suits for any film that tests poorly. Like the Princeton Review, I guarantee the CinemaScore will increase by at least a letter grade.


For the second time this year, I watched an adult woman breastfeed an adult man
(see also: Weeds – S05E09 / "Suck 'n' Spit").

Earlier this year, while queued for a screening of Moon at the Castro, a guy who I thought was a bike messenger in a Converge hoodie handed me a Grace promo card.

That guy was the director, who actually worked as a bike messenger in Boston. In fact, he wrote a body horror script about a bike messenger that was inspired by repetition compulsion.

a savant bike messenger attempt[s] to perform a grand reenactment of his life's trauma's by physically merging with his bicycle [source]

Wikipedia » Body horror » Notable films = District 9.

Degrassi Goes Hollywood
I only caught a bit, so no rating.

Craig opened for Fall Out Boy – ha!

Why isn't Jake Epstein a star? He could've successfully played Chuck instead of Zachary Levi, or a more charming [insert Michael Cera role]…

Ellie is one of the worst television characters ever created.

Emily is making a zombie movie. Emily is twelve. ZOMBIE GIRL chronicles the making of her film. – – Through 8/20 Only!
Snacks and Shit and other ridiculous rap lyrics

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