Heads Will Roll

While shaving today, I cut my nose.

I want to go electric, but McKern believes an electric shaver will "chaw my face and neck to shit."

That would be a good death in a horror flick.

I recently crossed paths again with the Puff the Magic Dragon tattoo (nsfw).

Its owner claims to be a 62-year-old retiree.

If you're old and retired, why not decorate your genitalia as a dragon, right?

I wonder how many bucket lists include body modification.

If doctors ever give me nine months to live, I'm carving "chairface" into my buttocks and decorating my wiener as a Pringles can… Maybe get a full sleeve of Super Mario Bros. World 1-1…

—slim goodbody

—hide your will on your body a la michael scofield

—can you bedazzle teeth?

No one does hazing quite like Canadian track kids
YouTube Doubler of the Year

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