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Maybe it's (har, har) old age, but I've grown more unwilling to try new music. I'm fearful of downloading the "best new music" only to find that musical trends have favored the difficult and, by extension, my own tastes have turned mushy.

A solution: In their reviews, Pitchfork should institute another scale next to their existing one – one to show the listenability of the album. One more 1 to 10, with 1 being 'easy listening' to assuage the fears of old, mushy obstructionists like myself. Example:

10.0 – Wolf Eyes
9.0 – HEALTH
8.0 – Fuck Buttons
7.0 – No Age
6.0 – Dirty Projectors
5.0 – Animal Collective
4.0 – The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
3.0 – A.C. Newman
2.0 – Vampire Weekend
1.0 – Fleet Foxes

The only problem would be where to put the new wave of electro-poppers. Just how listenable is Glass Candy?

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  1. Aaron 19 Aug 09 at 22:05

    Damn… if Animal Collective is only a 5, I'm in way worse shape than you.


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