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"Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn wrote Couples Retreat? They wrote Swingers!"

dead snow
flame and citron

Inglourious Basterds

Neither the pacing nor the "cinephile thing" bothered me. I knew I studied German film history at university for a reason.


Set in a historical context, Christoph Waltz's variation on Heath Ledger's Joker is doubly menacing. I actually felt uncomfortable during his scenes.

I was reminded of how much Tarantino's use of multiple typefaces for opening credits annoys me. The Basterds credits begin in a slab serif typeface and then the title is thinly handwritten and then the supporting cast is in a humanist (I think) sans-serif typeface… The mercurialness is maddening.

Two survive, two die in the tavern, two die at the cinema — what happens to Samm Levine's character?

Samm Levine replaced David Krumholtz, who dropped out due to a scheduling conflict. Krumholtz played Levine's brother on Freaks and Geeks.

This poster is amazing.

let the right one in
being human
against the dark
lesbian vampire killers
true blood
wizards of waverly place: wizards vs. vampires


the vampire diaries
cirque du freak: the vampire's assistant
new moon

In Against the Dark, Steven Seagal hunts vampires.

The Vampire Diaries is a teen soap from the creator of Dawson's Creek.

Suck is a "rock'n'roll vampire comedy" featuring Alice Cooper, Alex Lifeson (Rush), Moby and Henry Rollins.

I digress.

Anyone who thinks Inglourious Basterds is overly long and undisciplined should see Thirst. Its second half is a mess.

For the second time this summer, I saw a Korean actor's penis on film.
(see also [or fail to see]: Ken Jeong in The Hangover)

I saw this in a Safeway parking lot beforehand:

Alas, all I had available to me was the camera of my shitty five-year-old mobile.

Leonardo DiCaprio's Boston accent in Shutter Island is somehow worse than his one in The Departed.

Avatar (Day)

Avatar footage is definitely more impressive in 3D. In fact, so caught up was I in admiring visuals that I missed lines of dialogue.

A computer-generated blue humanoid saying "that's right, bitch!" to a dinosaur is…odd.

John Scalzi's Guide to the Most Epic FAILs in Star Wars Design
Dwight Howard Visits Sterling Cooper
Stuff Hipsters Hate: Their First Show


  1. Aaron 24 Aug 09 at 11:35

    I agree – the typefaces in the opening credits had me shaking my head. No rhyme or reason at all.

  2. Jon 24 Aug 09 at 13:19

    I disagree about the fonts. I enjoyed them and thought they worked fine in breaking up the different "groups" of actors. They also each worked nicely in the "historical" context of the movie, if I can say that. And the hand-written "Inglorious Basterds" title, if you noticed, was from the text carved into the butt of Aldo's gun. Anyway, it's not like the movie takes itself too seriously, why should the opening titles be any different? Stiglitz gets his own huge ridiculous title in the middle of the movie, too.

  3. andy 24 Aug 09 at 14:50

    Why do the creatures in Avatar have to have hair like Data from TNG?


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