Big Two / Deuces

I think every Chinese person knows how to play this game. It's like a secret ethnic handshake.

As Poker combinations are key to its gameplay, you can argue that Big Two is a gateway drug, but I see it as a sublimation of Poker.

Poker is chess; Big Two is chess boxing.

Many people, however, try to win solely by knockout (punch at every opportunity – could haunt you later) or checkmate (wait for the right opportunity to unleash a barrage of indomitable combos – could never arrive).

Jonfucious say: "Chess box, dammit! Set aside a straight and disband a full house if necessary to trump a pair."


  1. L 04 Sep 09 at 21:03

    diff people have different rules, so a chinese can't play with a cambodian without explaining all the rules first

  2. Max 11 Sep 09 at 02:29

    It's true. Every chinese people do know how to play this game. I'm chinese.


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