James Dean

from: Raising Hell
to: MTV reality star / VH1 pundit

Beastie Boys
from: "Fight for Your Right (to Party!)"
to: Fight the Bush administration and cancer

Public Enemy
from: "911 Is a Joke"
to: Flavor of Love / Air America Radio

from: "Cop Killer"
to: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

LL Cool J
from: "Mama Said Knock You Out"
to: NCIS: Los Angeles

Dr. Dre
from: "Gin and Juice"
to: Dr. Pepper

Ice Cube
from: "Gangsta Gangsta"
to: Are We There Yet?

Snoop Dogg
from: Murder Was the Case
to: The Martha Stewart Show

Wu-Tang Clan
from: "Shame on a Nigga"
to: Scary Movie 3 / Meet the Spartans

from: hustling crack
to: attending a Grizzly Bear show


  1. Kurtis 08 Sep 09 at 04:41

    Henry Rollins
    from: "Beat My Head Against the Wall"
    to: stand up

  2. Aaron 08 Sep 09 at 19:29

    I think about most of these life transitions on a pretty regular basis.


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