Weekend Poutine

Greetings from Toronto.

The free wi-fi sources I used last year no longer work, inconveniencing me somewhat.

Healthcare, wi-fi — I know which one I need more…

The Trotsky

Jay Baruchel (Undeclared) plays a high schooler who believes that he is the re-incarnation of Leon Trotsky.

I'm not sure how it will play elsewhere, as some of its biggest laughs are Canadian inside jokes, but writer/director Jacob Tierney is a talent to watch.

Bonus points for lampooning Battleship Potemkin.

Enter the Void
dir: Gaspar Noé (Irreversible)

Enter the Void is a visual and technical marvel — the credits alone are a sight to behold — but it is also 90 minutes too long, and that 90 minutes feels like 90 hours.

Yes, show me what's happening inside every room of this "love hotel"!

At one point, the camera segues into a woman's bush.

The Road
dir: John Hillcoat (The Proposition)

Methinks odysseys work better on television.

The boy will receive an Oscar nomination; the art director will win an Oscar.

The boy awkwardly addresses his father as "papa" — Is this a Stella Artois ad? — but I'm told that Cormac McCarthy's son addresses him as "papa."

The Loved Ones

Described as Misery + Pretty in Pink + Carrie, The Loved Ones is what Drag Me to Hell aspires to be.

Revelation of the fest thus far.

Cillian Murphy
Brendan Gleeson
Jay Baruchel
Colm Feore
Saul Rubinek
Willem Dafoe
Sam Neill
Mads Mikkelsen
Viggo Mortensen
Robert Duvall

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  1. John 14 Sep 09 at 16:51

    Come on down to Niagara Falls and say hello! We have some good strip joints.


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