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Rob Dyrdek uses MovieTickets.com.

The more you know.

From the executive producer of Fantasy Factory:


"Do you have any regrets?" — I can't be the only person who foresaw the answer.

I imagine Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick wrote the screenplay with Matthew McConaughey, Michael Cera, Lindsay Lohan and Dakota Fanning in mind.

How did the sisters activate the swinging Pharaoh boat ride, and how did they get off?

Get off the ride.

Right before the song credits roll, "Juicy Wang" is credited as a senior designer.


"That'll do, pig" — lulz.

Paranormal Activity

It's not particularly scary, but Paranormal Activity is one of the better vérité horror flicks I've seen.

While it augments realism, the lo-fi audio is somewhat detrimental in a theatre, as horror flick audiences are generally a vocal bunch.

The black lad sitting to my left, for example:


And during the trailers:

"Do you think Saw VI will be any good? Saw I and IV are my favourites. I like the Saw flicks. They make me think."

Meanwhile, the Electronic Arts employee sitting to my right believes that similar paranormal activity happens in real life.

Just once I'd like to see a vérité horror flick composed of furnished, not recovered, footage.

Chris Chelios looks back on his first hockey coach, Jules from Pulp Fiction


  1. L 05 Oct 09 at 06:49

    Stuff like that don't happens to people who don't go to movie by themselves.

  2. Aaron 05 Oct 09 at 12:47

    Hollywood's been busting nuts over the 3D interwoven credit sequence text technique since Watchmen. There may have been a few examples of this before hand, but I've been seeing it a ton of it lately though. I thought it was executed pretty well in Zombieland and still find it attractive but it's definitely quickly, uh, staggering over towards "played out."

    And I concur – Jesse Eisenberg is totally the poor man's Michael Cera. Somebody should have him arrested for identity theft.

    But I'd never trade McConaughey for Woody Harrelson.

    Also, I don't think I just missed this – was the reason why he painted "3" on his vehicles ever explained?

  3. Adam 05 Oct 09 at 15:12

    I'm guessing the '3' is for Dale Earnhardt. Which means it's pretty stupid if that's the case.


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