New skin for this old ceremony

Seattle, WA

"QFC's self-checkout machines are complex."
"They're not. He's just— Can you watch the mini keg while I help him?"

"Hmm… The Girl's Guide to Vampires: All You Need to Know About the Original Bad Boys. Barb Karg (Pacific Northwest) is a veteran journalist, author, screenwriter and lifelong vampire aficionado currently at work on a vampire novel."

Veteran journalist slash "lifelong vampire aficionado."

She also authored or co-authored The Girl's Guide to Werewolves: All You Need to Know About the Original Untamed Bad Boys, The World's Stupidest Blondes, and Graphic Designer's Color Handbook.

Funambulism in a public park.

A taco truck operating out of an old KFC.

Event posters smother telephone poles like barnacles.

Zombie Walk. Zombie After-Party. Zombie Rock Fest. Zombie Karaoke.

The gentrification of horror.

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