White Man in Hammersmith Palais

I want to see Dexter tell Rita everything.

Other than being arrested at 18 for burglarizing the home of an ex-girlfriend, George P. Bush appears to have all the right credentials to carry the Bush legacy well into the future. [source]

What's a little breaking and entering? Or should I say allanamiento de morada?

The Plan:
"Trick or treat!"
"Oh how cute! Socialists! Buy your own fuckin' candy. NO HANDOUTS!" [slams door]

At Power 99's Powerhouse concert Jay-Z dedicated "99 Problems" to Michael Vick, who was backstage. [source]

What We're All Thinking: The Flirty Girl Fitness Pole (»2:08) is a stripper pole.

"Telescopic" and "explosion" are not words I'd associate with mascara.

Michael Jackson told his team he wanted to re-create Victoria Falls on stage. [source]

Victoria Falls

I want an NSF grant to find what percentage of men would choose the short urinal over the tall urinal. [source]

A more interesting study would be short urinal versus tall trough.

Throwdown's current line-up contains no original members. Throwdown today is basically a Throwdown cover band.

At least Guns N' Roses features Axl.

I'm-a form another band. We'll call ourselves The Clash.

Band Name Idea: The Binford Tools.

Chris Farley Direct TV Ad: Too Soon?
headline of the year

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