Bright Lights, Big City

On our drive back from lunch, Owen interrogated me about CES.


"You are inordinately excited about CES. We're not press. I thought you've worked trade shows before? It sucks!"

O: CES coincides with the Adult Entertainment Expo, which I've always wanted to attend.
J: You've never been?
O: No… I'm married, remember?
J: Oh. Right. So just anime conventions, eh? And fun trade shows, of course.

On our walk toward the office, Owen shot two air jump shots.

First person to guess his race/ethnicity correctly wins ONE DOLLA!

Wikipedia's John Irving Recurring Theme Matrix

Recurring themes in Irving's work include New England, prostitutes, wrestling, Vienna, Iowa, bears and deadly accidents.

They Might Be Giants will perform Flood in its entirety at UCLA
The sporting world has gone Green Man


  1. Aaron 28 Oct 09 at 11:26

    White. White as HELL.

  2. L 28 Oct 09 at 13:21


  3. Ammo 28 Oct 09 at 18:17


  4. Ammo 28 Oct 09 at 18:17

    nope… nope….

    can i change that to Filipino?


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