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J-Ram is skeptical that the Tom Metzger who commented on this post is the same Tom Metzger who founded the White Aryan Resistance.

I traced the IP address of "Tom Metzger"'s comment to Warsaw, Indiana, and according to Wikipedia, the real Tom Metzger resides in Warsaw, Indiana.

—most people outside of indiana don't know who metzger is
—so i submit that if anything, the indiana IP source only confirms more that it's NOT metzger himself
—although if it were him, that would be the weirdest thing ever

—weirder than someone posing as him?

—maybe he has some web crawler that shows sites mentioning nazis or racism
—a white aryan news feed

A White Aryan news feed.

Speaking of Indiana, Parks and Recreation quietly boasts the funniest characters on television right now. Ron, Andy and Jerry are a golden triumvirate of hilarity.


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, however, handily won Guy Fawkes Comedy Night. "Paddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens" is the funniest sitcom episode I've seen this season.

Honer System:
1. "Kitten Mittens" (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)
2. "Denise Handicapped" (Curb Your Enthusiasm)
3. "Greg Pikitis" (Parks and Recreation)
4. "The Waitress Is Getting Married" (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)
5. "Introduction to Statistics" (Community)

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  1. Warsaw Resident 12 Nov 09 at 15:34

    That was the real Tom Metzger. He now lives in Warsaw and I have seen him in public places several times over the past three years. He has written letters to the editor in the local Times Union newspaper on several occasions.


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