Recent Dreams

1. The cast of Parks and Recreation attend a housewarming in my spacious new work office – the glass-walled core of a panopticon.

2. I learn that Daryl Hannah died of drowning and rush to Bill Simmons' Twitter page to see his thoughts on her death.

3. My father is decapitated. I lay his live, headless body on a double bed in a motel room and watch my mother carve a X-shaped stoma in his chest with a rusty razor blade. It hits me that my father no longer has a head and I become distraught.

4. Tyler Hansbrough vows to play at UNC until Roy Williams wins 1400 games, eligibility be damned. I cover the 1400th victory as a hard-boiled detective.

5. I discover MAD Cat's plot to exterminate humanity with an army of pathogenic mice.

Dr. Claw's Wikipedia page features a "Personal life" section.

In the 2000s follow-up cartoon series Gadget and the Gadgetinis, more of Dr. Claw's past was revealed (such as his first name being George) and the villain was given an extended family, including an equally evil brother, Dr. Thaw, and career-criminal parents – mother Marilyn and father Gordon Claw. Claw also has a nephew, William "Billy" Thaw, who befriends and has a crush on Penny.

This is the first I've heard of Gaz-Mania. Did it air in America?

Inglourious Basterds Comic Book Covers

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