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How did I miss this tour?

Did anyone compile a list of this decade's best concert line-ups?

I personally think of KROQ's 2002 Inland Invasion ("25 years of punk"), and The Pixies opening for Radiohead at Coachella 2004, and Saddle Creek's 2002 CMJ Showcase, which Conor Oberst opened with Desaparecidos and closed with Bright Eyes…

Q: Is Travis Barker a good drummer?

By my criteria he is, but my criteria is just "can drum really fast."

Q: How do you assess good drumming?

I feel that drummers with larger kits are unfairly perceived as more impressive, but I'm not sure standardizing kits is the answer.

Photo Blog Idea: Twitter avatars that look like Justin Bieber.


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  1. Forest 04 Dec 09 at 13:10

    Maybe I'm an indie snob, but I always liked the 2005 Intonation Music Fest lineup:

    Broken Social Scene, Four Tet, Magnolia Electric Co., A.C. Newman, Prefuse 73, Andrew Bird, The Hold Steady, Les Savy Fav


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