The Airing of Grievances

I believe the singer from Death Cab for Cutie is out of lyrics.

"Meet me at the equinox, meet me halfway. Where the sun is at it's highest peak in the middle of the day."

Really, Death Cab guy? You're just writing songs about 6th grade science now? I've got a couple of song ideas for you.

"I'd like to run a light year, I'd like to go that way. It's the distance light travels over 365 earth days."

"Talk about the freezing point, talk it up all night. When water's temperature drops to 32 degrees Fahrenheit."

"I want to find the average, I want to find the root. I'll add up the sum total and divide it by the number of the groups."

There. I just made you a million dollar EP. And hang on – here's a B-side for the single.

"The endocrine system… it's where the sooooul meeets bodyyyyyyy!" [source]

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