I'm more consultant than son

George Dohrmann

That's why they get paid the big bucks. Loosely applied logic.

There goes any chance of them wearing their Baltimore Bullets throwbacks.


Amber Alert

Fine, I'll be the one to say it: I want to know if these people are found alive or dead. One word! That's all I want. Just saying "cancel the alert" is much too ambiguous.

I wonder if this could be used carte blanche to assault strangers with similar traits as the abductor.


"Check it out. I'm labeling everything we're putting away for next Christmas."
"Slick move, Dad. When's the ISO 9000 banner going on the front porch?"
(Two Mississippi)
"…haha… Can you show me how to put CDs on my iPod?"

I never thought I'd long for the days when they'd ask me to explain the setup for the joke and then separately explain how the punchline worked.


Science's Prettiest Girl in the World


  1. Forest 06 Jan 10 at 13:01

    Does this really explain why you're signed up to get these alerts in the first place?

  2. Kevin 06 Jan 10 at 21:42

    Call me crazy, but the hybrid between Duf, Hewitt, Alba, and Biel is a lot hotter than the final outcome. This Mike guy has a nice profile pic.

  3. Mig 07 Jan 10 at 01:58

    It's a tough call, but I'm going to work the other side of the bracket and single out the Fox/Bellucci combo… Stunning.

    We may never find out the answer given Gilbert's latest act, but when the Bullets go with the throwbacks, do they honor the Washington Bullets, the Baltimore Bullets, or dare I say, the Capitol Bullets, as they were named in 1973? As Bill Simmons has opined, that name "sounds like the title of a book about the death penalty"… I tend to agree.

  4. Drew 07 Jan 10 at 02:47

    I love how Kristen Kreuk was as ethnic as they could get with it before screwing up the system.

    Gilbert is my starting PG. Was my starting PG.


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