The Hollows

I just found out they made a Ninja Turtles TV movie where the Turtles from the relatively dark 2003 cartoon meet the Turtles from the goofy 1987 cartoon and by the end they meet the Turtles from the original Mirage comic book. [source]

Turtle Primer! How did I miss this?

NBC owns and is reportedly keeping the intellectual property behind the characters and recurring comedy bits Conan O'Brien originated during his 16-plus years on NBC.

Sources close to him, however, said he is not interested in taking the Masturbating Bear and "In the Year 3000" with him.

It is unclear whether Robert Smigel or NBC controls Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. I assume Smigel, as he also used Triumph on Comedy Central's TV Funhouse. Viacom owns Comedy Central and CBS.

The guy who plays Star-Burns on Community collaborated with Smigel on Saturday TV Funhouse.

Shocking Nip/Tuck death coming! Brace yourself! [source]

Both Matt and Julia are alive in the flash forward episode, so… Kimber or Liz?

» Bob Odenkirk is a series regular in season three of Breaking Bad (Mar 21).

» Martin Short is a series regular in season three of Damages (Jan 25).

» Al Pacino (left) plays Jack Kevorkian in the HBO biopic You Don't Know Jack, directed by Barry Levinson (Apr 24).

» The boy in Jurassic Park plays one of the three leads in The Pacific, the follow-up to Band of Brothers (Mar 14).

» MTV is reviving Greg the Bunny's sidekick Warren the Ape for a reality show parody following a D-list, often debauched, out-of-work celebrity puppet attempting to get back into Hollywood's good graces (Jun).

I'm not sure how MTV can produce a second season of Jersey Shore without recasting.

If the same cast returns to Seaside, they'll behave like celebrities, indulge cameras and attract fame-whores galore.

My solution: Recast and fast-track a Real World/Jersey Shore Challenge.

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